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Scalp Care Shampoo Bar

The best natural shampoo for itchy or irritated scalp! Detox from hair product buildup, or relieve dandruff and itchy scalp – naturally! Our Scalp Care Shampoo Bar formula is a combination of all-natural & certified organic ingredients, including innovative plant nutrients that provide relief from irritation and dryness. Bonus – It’s also a great way to keep brassiness away from blonde colour treated hair! //Coconut Oil gently cleanses and nourishes the scalp, helping to reduce dandruff and dryness //Charcoal effectively removes flakes and other buildup on the scalp, and provides antimicrobial support //Aloe Leaf Juice enzymes repair dead skin cells on the scalp, reducing dandruff //Sweet Almond Oil, a Vitamin E rich antioxidant for its nourishing & healing properties Available in Lavender & Geranium scent. Citrusy, fruity, and floral, these organic essential oils come together to promote calmness and reduce stress and anxiety.

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