Passing by a building for sale downtown Balmertown,they would frequently ask themselves “What could we put there?” Wanting to help in rejuvenating their downtown, but also share their passion for the environment, they found the answer. In the fall of 2018, the idea for a bulk food store was born.

The Kreger’s started doing what any small business would do: researching products, budgeting start-up costs, creating a business plan, and finding a mentor. Through their research, they discovered a zero-waste grocery store in Ottawa called NuGrocery . The Co-founder and COO Sia Veeramani offered consulting, and from there, they were mentored on developing their idea from the ground up. With determination, hard work, creativity and a lot of laughs (and a few tears) the Kreger’s opened their store in 2019, with the catchy name ‘Kreger’s Krates’.

Since then, they have grown it into the successful business it is today. The Kreger’s continue to expand with new, high quality products, online shopping and shipping, and as always with you and the environment in mind, while supporting local and Canadian made whenever possible.

We are so thankful for the support of their mentors and customers near and far!

Stop in to meet them in person downtown Balmertown or contact them online: