Food Crayon

Raspberry Balsamic- Single Box (1 Food Crayon + 1 Sharpener)


1 Food Crayon + 1 Sharpener in a beautiful single gift box. Food Crayon is the perfect gift for foodies. A spice Crayon form that you sharpen over your dishes to enhance your meal. Sharpen some shavings over your dishes, desserts or cocktails to add a strong and delicious flavour to your meal.

Raspberry and Balsamic is a flavor combination that refers to a mixture of the tart and sweet taste of raspberries combined with the rich, slightly tangy, and complex flavor of balsamic vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar, water, balsamic vinegar, raspberry paste, salt, Agar-agar, gluten free tamari, natural raspberry flavour, locust bean gum.
Contains: Soy

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