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Ginger - Ground


Ground ginger root provides a powerful punch of pure flavor in its finest form, which is ideal for seasoning sides, baking cookies, and spicing up your favorite dressings and sauces. This refined herb offers that exclusive, biting taste that is essential to innumerable dishes. Our product is also free of chemical preservatives to ensure that it provides the most genuine ground ginger you’ll find anywhere.

The spice, commonly used in Asian cuisines, is made from the stem of the Zingeber officinale plant. While the herb is also used to produce teas and homeopathic remedies, the delectable flavor of the ground root is instrumental for complimenting the tastes of countless vegetables, meats, and baked goods. Adding this powder to your noodles, dumplings, salads, soups, cookies, or cakes can draw out the rich and full flavors that define the dish.


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