OLA Bamboo

OLA Bamboo Toothbrush Soft- Larger Head


Bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly crops that exists today. Bamboo is a plant, not a tree. A bamboo plantation has a yield up to 25 times that of a forest. Bamboo does not require pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

For each product sold, a part of the sales are given to Compensation CO2 to plant trees in Canada.

The OLA Bamboo toothbrush is made with Moso Bamboo, which is not consumed by Pandas. It grows naturally at a rate of up to 4 feet per day, without the addition of any chemical substances. Its handle is specially designed to give you the perfect grip. The nylon bristles are flexible enough to reach all corners of your mouth keeping your gums healthy. It is smooth, durable and better than plastic. OLA bamboo helps you in taking a step towards a clean & green future.

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